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We the Team Members of Talent Bee strongly believe “Anyone has the power to change the world”. In order to achieve it, one should first receive a high-quality education based on a practical approach, an interactive learning platform for the participants through hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science/Maths games, puzzles, science & Maths expeditions, role plays, and other innovative pedagogy techniques rather theoretical concepts which is a regular pattern in India. Application oriented activities develop healthy confidence in one’s individuality as well as the ability to master complex thinking processes.

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Why We Are DifferentThan Other Education Providers

Education Services Online for Kids
  • We always scan the market and find the best organizations who are specialized in providing a modern technique of education to students right from Preschool to Class X which benefits children in receiving the best content and courses from around the world under one roof.

  • We deeply focus on developing “Curiosity of Why” hidden behind every concept and provide hand holding to every student in converting basic concepts to application parts, enabling them to have clarity in concepts and perform well in desired competitive examinations in their near future.

  • Best in Class Faculty who are specialized in training the students through modern techniques and are regularly trained to cater the needs of the students as well as Parents.

  • We highly discourage student’s Discrimination based on Examination scores as we strongly believe “Any Student can perform well with right kind of tools and strategies if discussed and implemented mutually by providing strong mentorship to him/her.

  • Performance Guaranteed in School Level Examination as well as Olympiads.

  • We are strongly committed and dedicated to the Academic Performance of students in his/her Class. For this, we encourage and involve parents for their active participation in our Mission to achieve Success.

  • Best in Class Surveillance System where the Students are highly secured and we keep a strict check on unwanted.

  • Tech Enabled Courses with Online and Offline Support.

Why ChooseTalent Bee


Welcome the world of new learning opportunities

Scientific proven academic nurturing process

Scheduled parent meet for academic involvement & student motivation

Technology based classes

All round development of child


Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids in India


We do offer Pre-schooling for your young kids up to Class UKG where the kids will be learnt on the latest syllabus and patterns enabled with day care facility leaving all worries to us when you are outside due to your job requirements or any sudden urgency in mind. This course can be availed at local branches only.

Talent Bee Starter
Talent Bee Mover
Talent Bee Runner
Talent Bee Flyer
Online Learning Platform for 3rd to class 10th

Talent Bee Lite

This is an online Live class Tuition Package for Class UKG-Class x Students where the school syllabus would be followed strictly and the aim of the course would be to improve the School level performance only. The Course is dealt as per NCERT syllabus only. It is beneficial for the Board Students where NCERT syllabus is implemented and taught as per NCERT guidelines.

Talent Bee Lite Class 0-2
Talent Bee Lite Class 3-5
Talent Bee Lite Class 6-8
Talent Bee Lite Class 9-10
Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids in India

Talent Bee Plus

This course (UKG-Class X) has been designed for School level preparation as well as Olympiad level of examinations in sync with hands-on activities/experiments which develops the curiosity among students behind the concept. Overall, this course aims to develop basic concepts to application in conversion so that students can be future ready for the most competitive level of examinations.

Talent Bee Plus Class 0-2
Talent Bee Plus Class 3-5
Talent Bee Plus Class 6-8
Talent Bee Plus Class 9-10
Online Activity Classes for Kids

Talent Bee Max

This course (UKG-Class X) has been designed for School level preparation as well as Olympiad level of examinations in sync with hands-on activities/experiments especially in Maths and Science which develops the curiosity among students behind the concept. Overall, this course has add-on to develop Science basic concepts to application in conversion through live experiments, Birthday Parties, Kids Activities, Summer Camps etc.

Talent Bee Max Class 0-2
Talent Bee Max Class 3-5
Talent Bee Max Class 6-8
Talent Bee Max Class 9-10

Our OtherCourses

Stem Workshop for your child

Computer for Students

This course is designed to enable the students with computer skills where Academic classes and age is not the factor to learn with this course. Here we train students on MS Office as well as Internet Skills. This is a basic course for the students who want to be familiar with the Computer and related Programs

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Job Placement Training in Varanasi

Computer for Working Professionals

This course is specifically designed for working professionals where time is the crucial factor and want to opt classes on weekends to have an edge and upgrade with Basic Computer skills Like MS OFFICE and Internet Basics, Emailing and Basic Office Works required to work on Computers.

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Spoken English Course for Working Professionals

Spoken English for Students

The Course is designed especially for the students where the student can be familiar with the English and learn the language at their own pace as this course doesn’t carry any specific validity.

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English Spoken Course Online for Students

Spoken English for Working Professionals

This English Course is designed for Working Professionals who want to upgrade themselves as an add-on language proficiency. Here the Working Professionals can learn at their own pace and this course doesn’t carry any specific validity. PPT presentation, Group Discussion, Anchoring, Short Plays also is a value addition to this course.

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Skill Building Program

For Unemployed Youth between 18 to 25 years of age. Short-term employable skills training on Life Skills, Interview Skills, Communication Skills, ON-the-Job Training, Spoken English, (Internship), Computer Skills, And much more!

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The bird’s eye view ofOur Services


Day Care Facility

Web/App Based Homeworks & Assignments

Parent’s SMS Notification

Updated Curriculum

Regular Mock Text to Track Student Performance

Extra Classes on Demand.

App Based Learning

(Live & Recorded)

Online Fee Payment for New Course & Renewals

Fortnightly PTM Schedule.

ExperimentationNurtures Creativity


Individual Attention

We are committed for individual attention to every student,enabling them for satisfactory Academic performance in Schools and other Exams leading to strong progressive growth in foundation of their career steps.


Hands on Methods

Hands on Methods is highly encouraged to every child/student so as to develop Curiosity of “Why” behind the concepts taught and build a strong pillar in mastering a complex thinking process on foundation level of their career which leads student to crack entrance exams likely to face in his/her life.


Sports & Games

We encourage Sports and Games to every child in their academic life to stay fit and healthy as well as competing themselves as a sports player in sports desired for.


Creativity in action

Creativity to be lifted in every child as we believe every student has a unique way of creativity and style of viewing and performing the same level of work given at the same period of time which helps students to develop confidence and new ways of mental algorithms.

Skill Development & Online Activity Classes in Varanasi

We live in one such era where everything is getting digitalized and so has the education system. Today, online education is the preferred mode of education and it is replacing traditional education system at various institutions. Nowadays, you can opt Education Services Online for Kids at the comfort of your own house. You can also get your Xth/XII/Graduates dropouts or ITI enrolled for the Skill Building Program Online Course to enhance their skills. Also, for extraordinary Education Services Online for Kids in Varanasi, you can get in touch with us.

Job Guarantee Courses & Stem Workshop for your Child

We are an Online Learning live class Platform for tuitions/Olympiad  3rd to class 10th.  We organize Educational Classes and Programs for Kids at home. We are undoubtedly the Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids in India. Our English Spoken Course Online in India will train your kids to be extremely fluent in English. You can also connect with us for Stem Workshop for your child. We also arrange Skill Development Course Live Classes In collaboration with Bosch India at Varanasi.